VA Renovation Loans

VA Renovation Loans

It can be difficult in the current housing market to find an affordable home which is updated and ready to move into. Fortunately, there is an option for veterans to take out a Naples VA renovation loan through Core Mortgage Financial. 

Veterans deserve our respect and support. With a renovation loan, they can get the chance to move into the home they truly want for themselves and their families. 

Advantages of a Naples VA renovation loan 

A renovation loan will include the cost of the property and necessary home improvements. Because there is only one actual mortgage, the borrower has less paperwork to keep track of and can save money on fees, especially closing costs. 

By only going through the process once, there will only be one transaction and credit application. Managing one loan will be easier than managing multiple loans. Like other VA loans, borrowers will receive compensation after the loan closed, before renovations have begun. 

Borrowers can receive up to  $50,000 beyond the original cost of the loan toward home improvements, including luxury items like pools or kitchen upgrades. The choice is in the hands of the home buyers. The amount you can borrow is equal to the cost of the home after all improvements are complete. 

The advantages of using Core Management Financial

Because our Renovation Specialists are experts and have handled many of these kinds of loans, we know how to make the process smooth from start to finish. We make it easy for you to get started and guide you every step of the way.

If you are a veteran seeking to buy a home in Naples, Florida, you may be able to benefit from this program. Please feel free to call any time of the day or night to speak to a Core Management Financial loan specialist.


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