About Core Mortgage Financial

Core Mortgage Financial, headquartered in Naples Florida believes in the American dream of home ownership and understands the effort it takes to get there. But you shouldn’t have to work hard to find a mortgage lender to underwrite a home loan. That’s where we come in. Our mortgage company is based on you, our client.

With streamlined home loan qualifying, competitive wholesale rates, and world class service Core Mortgage Financial makes the loan process faster, easier and simpler to understand. Our mortgage brokers start by assigning each of our clients an individual loan originator to work with you from start to finish. You will get your originator’s desk number, cell phone number, email.

If you’ve got a question, we’re on call. Your mortgage broker will review your specific situation and find a mortgage lender and loan program that is tailored to match your needs. We’ll review each option with you in depth so that you can decide what’s best for you. Then we’ll make it happen. There’s never an mortgage application fee, so give us a try today.

From your first home purchase to a second vacation home, investment property to condos and down to VA home financing. If you’ve got a problem, our mortgage company has got a solution. Call Core Mortgage Company today! 

Core Mortgage Financial  specializes in home Mortgage loans,  jumbo loans, FHA/VA mortgages and home refinancing solutions not just in Southwest Florida, but throughout the entire state of Florida.  Headquartered in Naples Florida, Call our mortgage specialists todayOur highly trained mortgage brokers will find the home loan that will match your exact needs. 

With streamlined qualifying, wholesale mortgage rates, and world class service, Core Mortgage Financial takes the headache out of home mortgage financing. 

Conventional Loans
VA Mortgage Loans
FHA Mortgage Loans
Re-Financing Mortgages

Preparing to obtaining a new mortgage or refinance an existing home mortgage takes some pre-planning, and working with a Naples mortgage broker can help you identify your best mortgage lending options. At Core Mortgage Financial, we’ll work to ensure you a quick and easy process. Here is an overview of what to expect.

Pre-qualification Phase

Your first step will be to complete a pre-application form. Once submitted, you’ll quickly be contacted by a licensed mortgage broker. We understand the urgency in being approved for a mortgage so you can move quickly. Let us “wow” you with our fast turnaround times.

Document Review Process

Once you’ve completed our secure online application and have spoken to a mortgage representative, you’ll then be asked to send in documentation so your current financial situation can be evaluated. Core Mortgage Financial has the electronic tools to help our clients securely send in their documents through our private server. We make it safe and easy for you to have a 100% paperless loan experience.

Lender Selection

One of the benefits of choosing a mortgage broker over a mortgage lender is the ability to shop for the best interest rates and loan terms. We’ll search within our vast lender portfolio to help you choose the best lender that is able to meet your current financial requirements and offer you the best possible mortgage rates.


During the review process, the underwriter will evaluate your income, assets, credit history, and any other documentation you’ve provided. If additional verification is needed, the underwriter will send a list of additional documents required to complete the transaction. Your mortgage team will contact you and outline what further paperwork is needed. Please submit your documents quickly to avoid delays in the loan process.


Once all documentation has been submitted and reviewed, your loan is ready for approval, and you’re clear to close. At this time, your final loan commitment is issued, and you’ll receive your funding.

Clear to Close

Once all documentation has been submitted and reviewed, your loan is ready for approval, and you’re clear to close. At this time, your final loan commitment is issued, and you’ll receive your funding.

Loan Closing & Funding

At this point, the lender sends the final loan package to your attorney or the title company. At this time, you can sign your loan package in person, with a mobile notary, or digitally if the lender allows e-sign. Upon completion, the lender and title company finalizes the transaction. If you’re purchasing property, you’ll receive the keys to your new home at this time. If you’re refinancing, you can now enjoy the savings!

If you’re seeking a mortgage loan, contact us today, we’re happy to give you a quote.